Zimbali Hotels

The Capital Hotel

The Zimbali Hotel offers its guests the ultimate experience of luxury, beauty and exclusivity. Apart from a myriad of attractive elements, the Zimbali hotel accommodates individuals, groups, couples, families, business travellers and professionals from all backgrounds.

With over 150 rooms richly decorated and elegantly finished, any guest can appreciate the modern, elegant and contemporary treasure of The Zimbali Fairmont Hotel. A wide range of premium facilities is readily available for leisure, entertainment and convenience ensuring all guests a seamless and unruffled experience.

The Capital Zimbali Resort prides itself in award-winning quality and service ensuring that all accommodation needs are met with a high standard of excellence. Delicious dining options are available to Hotel guests from a variety of restaurants.

Each room offers an exclusive view of its beautiful surroundings and is designed to be both spacious and dignified. Complimentary Wi-Fi, TVs, air-conditioning, premium security features as well as other condiments are afforded to room guests.

An abundance of facilities and activities await each guest at the Zimbali Fairmont Hotel. A stunning, luxurious swimming pool, access to a stunning private beach, fitness facilities and recreational options such as golf or tennis are all available to guests. From business professionals to entire families, a tailored option awaits for both leisure and recreation.

Summary of the Zimbali Hotel: 

  • Best suited for: Individuals and business professionals and couples depending on room selection and package. (Although families may be accommodated)
  • Elegant, private room options offering exclusive views.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi, TVs, air-conditioning and private room security.
  • Room service availability as well as self-catering options.
  • Access to hotel amenities such as a Spa, private gym and conference centre.
  • Access to resort swimming pools, beaches and facilities such as the golf course.
  • Resort Prices starting from, (est) $$


  • An excellent option for business professionals and individuals.
  • Elegant, furnished dwellings with room service. Access to hotel amenities such as a Spa.
  • Access to resort swimming pools, beaches and facilities such as the golf course.
  • Access to all hotel amenities.


  • Not as private/exclusive as other accommodation options.