Zimbali Swimming Pools

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Main Resort Pool

  • Less than 50m from the Fairmont hotel.

  • Gorgeous full-length swimming pool.

  • Upper, shallow layer for children.

  • Full compliment of loungers for guests.

  • Access to pool bar and options to order gourmet snacks.

The Fairmont Resort Pool is central to the Zimbali experience. Guests will marvel at the  equally astounding and opulent pool with its beautiful mosaic crafted design and large fountain features. Completed by a backdrop of the stunning Fairmont hotel, the Fairmont Resort Pool allows its guests to enjoy luxury, convenience with a selection of refreshments readily available. The beautiful hotel pool is a culmination of luxury and nature with the beautiful Zimbali coastal forest softening its surroundings. Whether you are a keen swimmer, enjoy pool time with the family or want to lose yourself in a good book the Fairmont Resort Pool offers it all.

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Zimbali Suites Pool

The Zimbali Suites Pool is a lovely, private facility for guests at the Zimbali suites. The pool offers individuals, couples or families the perfect opportunity to relax outside and cool down. The modern pool design is complemented by modern lighting and amenities, with gas braai facilities. The Zimbali pool enjoys a backdrop of the Fairmont Hotel and the beautiful coastal forest. Overall, the Zimbali suites pool is a perfect, convenient place to relax and take in the beautiful surroundings of the Zimbali Coastal Estate.

Zimbali poolside restaurant.JPG

Zimbali Beach Club Pool

  • About 400m from the Fairmont Hotel, conveniently located by the Zimbali Villas.

  • Two stunning, modern pools.

  • Access to Beach café and pool bar.

  • A full complement of loungers for guests.

  • Upper, shallow layer for children.

  • Beach in close proximity.

The Beach Club pool provides a setting and experience that transports its guests to an exotic paradise with its lush scenery and lavish features. Beach Club features two elegant pools which are connected through an infinity feature. Within walking distance from the Fairmont hotel and just a stone throw away from the Zimbali Villas, Beach Club pool is convenient for all. Beach Club pool is suitable for all guests including families with its shallow tier for children. Beach Club pool is perfectly complemented by the Beach Café and pool bar which offer restaurant-quality meals and snacks as well as a variety of drinks and cocktails to be enjoyed under the beautiful African sun. For an exotic escape within the beautiful coastal forest of Zimbali, Beach Club will not disappoint, don’t forget your swimsuit.

Valley of the Pools

  • Approximately 2km from the Fairmont Hotel (Shuttle services available).

  • Multiple, large pools with heated options.

  • Access to a pool-side bar and restaurant.

  • A full complement of loungers for guests.

  • Pool options for children.

  • Beach in close proximity.

The Valley of the Pools ensures an enjoyable day out under the African Sun. Individuals, couples and families will love the variety of swimming options available at the Valley of the Pools with large pools, smaller shallow pools and heated pools available. The Valley of the Pools also caters for those who enjoy lounging around sparkling pools with the ambience of the ocean in the background. Hotel guests can enjoy shuttle services that can transport them to and from the pools for convenience and a fun day out. Delicious drinks, snacks, meals and treats are available to order at the pools with dining facilities, or waitered service. The entire setting promotes a spirit of relaxation, luxury and beauty with the lush setting looking on the Indian Ocean. The Valley of the Pools is a Zimbali gem and is definitely worth a visit!

Zimbali Lodge Pool

  • About 2km from the Fairmount Hotel.

  • A stunning infinity pool.

  • Access to a poolside bar.

  • Compliment of loungers for guests.

The Zimbali Lodge pool is the epitome of luxury, aesthetics and relaxation within the Coastal Resort. The pool is conveniently located at the Zimbali Lodge and is easily accessible for lodge guests. The stunning infinity pool runs seamlessly into the vast, lush coastal forest which meets the sparkling Indian Ocean. Whether you are basking in the sunshine or enjoying refreshing sundowners, the Zimbali Lodge provides the perfect setting. There are lounge facilities as well as access to a poolside bar to ensure a relaxing and therapeutic experience at the lodge pool. For those who appreciate jaw-dropping aesthetics, the Zimbali Lodge pool will not disappoint.

Bushbuck Club Pool

  • About 500m from the Fairmont Hotel.

  • Two beautiful pools suitable for children and adults.

  • Loungers for guests

  • Facilities for children.

  • Access to pool-side café.

The Bushbuck Club pools provide the perfect setting for those who want to enjoy time with their children while having a load of fun. The Bushbuck pools are child-conscious providing parents ease of interaction with their children, while also accommodating all other swimmers. Facilities such as jungle gyms and trampolines make the Bushbuck Club a world of fun carved out of its beautiful surroundings. Parents and individuals can enjoy beverages or snacks from a poolside café, while watching their children enjoy the facilities. For those who love creating family memories filled with fun and laughter, the Bushbuck Club pool provides the perfect space. Great fun under the sun awaits all children, individuals and families at the Bushbuck club.