Things to do in Zimbali

Lounge, Play, Indulge

Zimbali, the land of plenty when it comes to having fun, joyous experiences. Guests and residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to activities to experience and engage in. This article will give you a glorious taste of what you can experience within the “golden gates” of the Zimbali Resort.

Why Zimbali?

Zimbali offers a myriad of things to do, ranging from sports and physical activities to lounging by the pools, sipping cocktails. There are activities for individuals, couples and families, ensuring an unforgettable experience regardless of your needs. Come rain or shine, a broad spectrum of fun can be had in Zimbali. The following article serves as a list of the activities available to visitors within the resort. Each activity had a brief description eluding to what guests can expect from the various facilities/activities.

Here is a list of Zimbali Activites:

Fitness/Active Living

Zimbali Gym

Zimbali features 2 Gymnasiums within the resort where users are spoilt for choice with equipment and classes. Staying on track with your health and fitness goals is made convenient through these facilitates that lie at your fingertips. There are two main gyms, the first being located at the Capital Hotel, and the second being located at The Bushbuck Club. Access to and full use of the gyms are dependent on the status of your accommodation within Zimbali. Calling ahead will ensure users as the operating times of the gym and the specific access requirements.

Features of the Gyms

Bushbuck Club Gym:

-Technogym cardio equipment

-Technogym weight bearing equipment

-Aerobics studio

-Variety of classes (yoga, HIIT, boxing, etc)

-Lockers & ablutions

The Capital Hotel Gym:

-Technogym cardio equipment

-Technogym weight

-bearing equipment

-Ocean Views

-Lockers & ablutions

Zimbali Hiking/Nature Trails

Zimbali exhibits a 50-hectare reserve within the estate with demarcated conservation areas to ensure the longevity of the indigenous Kwa-Zulu Natal forest. Pathways and viewing decks have been carefully placed amongst the flora and fauna within the resort, allowing for guests and residents to experience the resort in a tactile way. The viewing decks along the pathways lead users to experience views of waterfalls, dams, the ocean, and the world-renowned gold course. The trails feature natural spring water lakes, crowded by birds, a host of butterflies and a wide variety of indigenous plant life. Bushbuck, blue duiker, bushbaby, vervet monkey, banded mongoose and even wild pigs are the animals commonly found within the resort. The hiking trails stretch on for miles by users can walk, cycle, or run at their own pace, for as long as they wish.

Zimbali Sports

The nature resort is home to a world renewed golf course, tennis courts, squash courts, a soccer field, and a demarcated area for beach volleyball.


The tennis courts are located at The Bushbuck Club within Zimbali. The 4 tennis courts are in peak condition, featuring lights to ensure that they can be used at night.


The 2 squash courts are located at The Bushbuck Club. Visitors can play during the day or at night. Squash is the perfect activity to let off steam and get the adrenaline pumping, and have a blast while doing so.


Located at The Bushbuck Club, tucked behind the Gym, one can find a mini soccer field with goalposts. This facility is perfect for kids and adults alike.


The Zimbali Golf Course Integrally integrated within the natural habitat and homes within Zimbali, lies the famous course designed by Tom Weiskopf, former British and South African PGA champion. The specs are as follows, 18 holes, Par 72 | Distance: 4858m – 6524m. The narrative of the course champions Zimbali’s natural state and uniqueness. The course is extremely ecologically sensitive, encompassing dramatic elevation changes, varying eco-systems and substantial residential sections which will captivate and challenge players. The expected golfing amenities such as golf carts, a halfway house, putting greens, a driving range, a clubhouse, Member’s Bar and Pro Shop exist here. The Pro Shop located at the Club House features a complete array of the latest, premium branded golf attire and equipment. The Zimbali Driving Range Whether you are a pro golfer seeking practice, or a novice seeking fun, Zimbali offers you the perfect playground in the form of a Driving Range. To get here, you can hop on a golf cart and travel across the bridge from the Country Club. Various golf buckets options are available with the choice of coaching and lessons made available by the local golf pro.

Eat Light Eating

The Bushbuck Club

The Bushbuck Club offers a broad spectrum of meals for kids and adults alike. This restaurant is specialised in healthy foods and baked goods. Being linked to the Bushbuck Club Gym, the cafe offers a daily healthy meal service as well as venue hire and function catering for any occasion. Adjacent to the restaurant is a kiddies court with jungle gyms and trampolines.

Sting Ray Cafe & Food Bar A poolside Deli with easy eating meals and a unique bar menu. Whether you are looking to quench your thirst with a refreshing cocktail, or enjoy a light meal, there’s no better way to go than by lounging in the sun or under a shaded cabana.

The Club Lounge The perfect setting for a work/play environment, The Club Lounge offers users workstations, Zoom rooms, or lounge spaces where you can work and eat.


From coffee to light lunches or delicious sweet bites, Delicacy has something to fit your fancy. This light eating restaurant is located at the Zimbali Lodge, serving breakfast and lunch.

Bars Poison Ivy Lounge The Poison Ivy Lounge is a great location for pre-drinks before dinner or socialising for the night. The vibe here is as splendid as the drinks provided.

Trophy Bar Situated at the Zimbali Lodge, Trophy Bar is a prime location for drinks. Guests can enjoy the drinks and the bar’s atmosphere from within, or they can sit poolside adjacent to the bar and enjoy the ocean view.


The Copper Restaurant & Bar

The Copper Restaurant & Bar is The Capital Hotel’s main restaurant. This facility offers breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, with a wide variety of options to choose from on the menu. The atmosphere is fantastic, and the food is something to shout about!

Fireroom Sushi & Grill

The famous Fireroom restaurant founded in Johannesburg has found its roots at The Capital Hotel in Zimbali. Not only is the food spectacular, but the experience is also out of this world. The FireRoom offers the unique experience of visual experiencing the theatrical experience of fire being ”poured” over your food before you eat it. Prime location, excellent food, and an unforgettable atmosphere make this the place to be!

Crowned Eagle

Located at the Zimbali’s Country Club, the Crowned Eagle lies nestled within the forest. The restaurant too serves as an idyllic location for corporate events or weddings. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here daily.

Valley of The Pools

Valley of The Pools provides a restaurant with a wide menu with flavour explosions. At this restaurant, you can sit inside and enjoy a meal, or lounge by the pools and listen to the waves roll back and forth. The views here are impeccable, with the ocean in full view on the one side, and the Zimbali wildlife and lakes located on the other.


Located at Beach Club, Ayoba is a restaurant of Mexican fiestas and flavours. Vibrant and fun, the atmosphere is perfect for getting in the holiday mood. Meals can be enjoyed on the decks or inside, otherwise, users can lounge by the pools and listen to the Indian Ocean crash against the shore.

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Swim & Chill

The Zimbali Resort offers a wide spectrum of pools and pool-side facilities to enjoy. Here is a list of designated pools and their details:

Zimbali Beach Club

Beach Club features the Ayoba Restaurant & Bar and is a stone throw away from the beach. Here, you can enjoy infinity pools, cabana lounges, and sneaky ocean views through the lush forest. This location has been prime and popular for exclusive parties and events.

The Capital

The Capital Hotel offers guests pools of grandeur. With two separate pool levels, the pools cascade and feature waterfalls that provide tranquil sounds ideal for relaxation. Luxury loungers and cabanas are available to be enjoyed, and the poolside restaurant makes it easy to stay here “forever” and enjoy the KZN sun.

Zimbali Suites

The Zimbali Suites have a dedicated pool and braai facilities for guests to enjoy. The water is heated, making it the perfect place for a dip even during the colder months of the year. Pool loungers and table setups make it perfect for your every desire. Stunning oceans/overall resort views are enjoyed from the pool area.

Zimbali Lodge

The Zimbali Lodge has a stunning infinity pool that seems to effortlessly merge into the backdrop of the ocean. The pools have cabanas, loungers, and table seats linked to the hotel’s bar. Pool days are top-notch here, and sundowners are impeccable from this point of view.

Valley of the Pools

Valley of the Pools is ideal for families! Two main pools reside here, one being heated. The Valley of the Pools has a divine restaurant, and visitors are served from their poolside lounging spots. Sip on a drink in the pool, while watching the waves roll on the beach adjacent. If you fancy catching a tan on the beach or playing volleyball, you can walk through the secure gates at any point to enjoy the private Zimbali Beach.


Bushbuck Club is home to an individual pool setup. Pools here are great for kids as they feature an assortment of slides and kids play areas.

Zimbali Beach

The Zimbali Beach is a private strip of the North Coast that can be enjoyed by guests and residents alike. Staying in Zimbali grants you immediate access via any one of the entry points, to the secluded, wild beach. Enjoy the stunning beach with caution, as strong currents and steep drops make the beach unsafe for swimming.

Relax & Indulge Zimbali Spa

A 5-star experience is guaranteed at The Capital Hotel spa within Zimbali. The Mangwanani Signature Spa has recently been renovated and features spa facilities and a pool. The spa is linked to luxury poolside cabanas and has couples suites, therapy rooms, nail bar, African natural oils scent bar, Himalayan Salt Room, mineral indoor and outdoor pool, and a relaxation room. Reservations are required, but all are welcome to indulge in the treatments offered here.

Bird Watching

Thanks to the careful protection of the natural environment, Zimbali remains home to over 200 species of birds. Trained tours guides are available to aid guests in unforgettable bird watching experiences. This indigenous forest with the resort is home to 65 species of birds.


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