Zimbali Snakes

Zimbali Snakes

There are several types of snakes in the Zimbali Estate

Very Dangerous – Has caused human fatalities and requires immediate attention

Dangerous – Their bite can be painful and may require medical attention

Mildy dangerous – Not considered harmful to humans

Not Harmful – not dangerous to humans

List of Zimbali Snakes

Southern Green Mamba

Common boomslang – male

Common boomslang – female

Southern twig snake

Forrest cobra

Mozambique spitting cobra

Rhombic night adder

Bibrons stiletto snake

Herald or red lipped snake

Short snouted grass snake

Black headed centipede eater

Southern African python

Eastern natal green snake

Spotted bush snake

Green water snake

Brown house snake

Common brown water snake

Southern brown egg eater

Common wolf snake

Thread snake