Restaurants in Zimbali

When staying in Zimbali you will have access to the following restaurants:

  1. Indian cuisine at OSA
  2. Signature cocktails at 31 Degrees
  3. Mexican cuisine at Ayoba
  4. Delicious coffee or deli sandwiches at Delicacy
  5. Breakfast and dinner buffets at Coral Tree
  6. A burger at Bite, a poolside burger bar
  7. Afternoon tea in Dalchini

Indian Cuisine at OSA

Amongst the natural, lush Natal vegetation,OSA offers its guests the finest in cultural and dining experience. Elegant, refined decor combined with tasteful dining assures any guest a special experience and blend of aesthetics and food Authentic, traditional Indian flavours lie in a variety of rich, delicate and scrumptious dishes. Within a grand atmosphere, anyone can enjoy the vibrant and exciting flavours of Indian cuisine from a range of lamb, seafood, chicken and traditionally vegetarian dishes. Local, South African flavours are also infused into some of the menu items maintaining a quality and enjoyable dining experience. Apart from flavourful curries including Butter Chicken, a timeless favourite, OSA also offers a range of traditional Indian grills such as Tandoori chicken skewers.

  • Beautiful decorated, cultured and refined fine dining experience.
  • A variety of delicious, authentic Indian food is available.
  • $$$

Signature cocktails at 31 Degrees

A spectacular panoramic view of the blue Indian Ocean awaits any guest at the exclusive 31 Degrees balcony bar. There are few places that offer a sundowner experience like 31 Degrees considering a wide variety of cocktails to the diverse and beautiful setting. International and local favourite cocktails are available including draughts on tap such as Windhoek and Heineken. Dazzle your tastebuds with some of the delicious meals available from a crunchy Caesar Salad to a juicy Fillet Steak and even fresh sushi. A gracious, vintage glass of wine awaits those who want to savour the moment, and experience all that it offers.

  • Breathtaking panoramic view amongst a lobby balcony and trendy ambience.
  • A wide variety of local and international drinks including cocktails, draughts and wines suitable for all occasions.
  • A collections of appetising meals including salads, grills and sushi
  • $$

Mexican cuisine at Ayoba

For those who enjoy the vibrance and energy of a Mexican fiesta, Ayoba is found amongst beautiful lush coastal forest. Central American cuisine bursting with spice and flavour is served among a hybrid infusion of African dishes. Enjoy scrumptious chicken tacos, a Mexican salad or nachos and fresh salsa while relaxing by the sparkling pools of Beach Club. Grab your sunglasses, a slice of lime and enjoy an ice cold margarita under the African sun to truly experience little Mexico in Africa.

  • A fresh, vibrant and exciting atmosphere among the coastal forest and sparking pools.
  • Traditional Mexican cuisine with options for local flavours. Mexican inspired cocktails, including authentic margaritas.
  • $$

Delicious coffee or deli sandwiches at Delicacy

Enjoy a delicious coffee from an authentic selection of brews or even a fresh smoothie. Located in the beautiful Zimbali Lodge, Delicacy provides both a convenient and pleasurable experience. Enjoy a tasty bite to eat from a variety of deli- inspired items from baguettes to sandwiches, or even enjoy a hearty breakfast. We certainly hope that your experience will be as enjoyable as one of the signature cakes or pastries offered at Delicacy.

  • Restaurant located at Zimbali Lodge.
  • A wide selection of coffee brews, deli foods and desserts.
  • $

Breakfast and dinner buffets at Coral Tree

Among the gorgeous scenery of the lush coastal forest, the stunning fairmont hotel and the blue Indian Ocean, Coral tree aims to please with its gourmet, fine dining buffet options. An all-time favourite for many of Zimbali’s guests, Coral Tree offers outstanding breakfast and dinner buffets that boast wonderful flavour. Breakfast options are plentiful with healthy options like juices and smoothies or an irresistible continental breakfast including waffles. For those with a keen palate for flavour, the dinner buffet offers a variety of carefully selected cuisines. From local favourites to oriental cuisine there is a flavour for everyone at the buffet. Enjoy a personalised meal from an array of professional culinary staff.

  • A beautiful, refined setting overlooking the main pool at the Fairmont hotel.
  • Plentiful and delicious breakfast and dinner buffets offering a variety of flavours and cuisines.
  • $$$

A burger at Bite, a poolside bar

Enjoy a casual, enjoyable experience at the Bite Pool Bar. Located by the stunning Zimbali Resort Main pool, Bite Pool Bar offers its guests a relaxing and placid vibe with lovely drinks and enticing food. Relax and enjoy the scenery by enjoying one of the many cocktail options- including signature cocktails- like the pineapple caipirinha. There are non-alcoholic options available like the Triple M- a lovely mango drink or tasty milkshakes for the children. Snack on some of Bite’s delicious dishes including chicken strips or a toast sandwich, or sink your teeth into a legendary burger!

  • Restaurant Located next to the beautiful hotel pool, surrounded by forest trees and the grand Fairmont Hotel
  • A great blend of drinks and light meals for the whole family.
  • $

Afternoon tea in Dalchini

Appreciate a cup of tea and experience true luxury and refinement at the elegant Dalchini. The graceful aesthetic combined with a variety of teas and a delicate menu contributes to a wonderful, royal experience. Enjoy an ocean view while relishing in one of the gourmet cakes, pastries or other treats.

  • A beautiful, elegant tea lounge tastefully decorated with a royal ambience.
  • A wide selection of fine teas, fridge cakes, pastries and other treats.
  • $$